New Coach items in store

  1. I went to the coach store today in Manhattan and there wasn't any bag that I had to have. Does anyone feel this way about the new stuff they released? or is it just me? I didn't see the red carly or the khaki/red carly in the store though. Are those bags out yet? I really thought that I was going to walk out of the store with at least one bag...I must have purchased about 5 bags during the PCE... Anyway I was just wondering if I was the only one~
  2. After going to the Coach boutique 4 times, I have finally fallen in love with the lg. Carly (in khaki/saddle or khaki/ebony) & the large patent ergo. Otherwise, I'm at a loss. I am, however waiting to purchase my new wants until Sept. PCE!
  3. ME TOO!!! I fell in LOVE FINALLY w/ the LARGE Carly after buying several MEDIUM Carly's and returning them!!! I bought the khaki/saddle b/c I love brown bags!!! Mine should be here sometime next week....I am soooooo excited! Keep us posted on which one you choose...w/ a large Carly, you cant go wrong!!! :tup: I ALSO love the large mahogany patent ergo!!!! Maybe in SEPT!!! LOL
  4. I agree.. nothing I fell in love with. I did buy some Legacy Stripe accessories though.
  5. Nothing has grabbed me at all from the new line except for the Gigi tote in Clay. Everthing else is bland for me.
    I am waiting for the Bleeker stuff in October and this stuff looks gorgeous. All in all I think the Legacy line from last year was way better in my opinion - Satchel, Mandy and the Ali all rule! I am glad I bought alot of pieces from last year because this year just does not stand out but it is early we may find something to strike our fancy later down the line. I see a chocolate leather Carly in my future.
  6. Im with you. Just not loving the new goods as of yet.
  7. wow, I'll be the odd one out and say I LOVED everything today!! I have a thread about it in here somewhere...

    ...anyway I'm on a temporary ban until I find a new job...
  8. I have to agree. Everything was definitely new and different, but nothing I had to have. However, I'm really loving their new shoes =D
  9. The new khaki/beet and chili leather will not be out until september.
  10. Well I'd like a Leigh and a Lily and a bunch of shoes, and jewelry and legacy accesories...:nuts:
  11. I am not a fan either. All I want is the large carly in brown/brown and I am still thinking about the miranda in black:p

    I am a big fan of last year legacy items too.
  12. the shoes are cute tho
  13. i know what i am doing this weekend