New Coach items....hmmmm...

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  1. I just can't decide, does it go better with my mahogany shoulder tote or my Mia Leather Satchel???

  2. oh the decisions we inflict onto ourselves..
  3. nothing says coach like that!
  4. Get one for each bag, of course! :whistle:
  5. I would go for each bag.
  6. Great idea! One for each bag for the numerous times each day I find myself in need of a tape measure...maybe they'll come out with a signature strip tool belt! :smile:
  7. Ooooh I hope it goes to outlet!!!! :crossesfingers: :P
  8. oooh.
    coach needs to make a whole LINE of girly tools...
  9. Depends on your perspective..I usually do have a tape measurer in my bag...but not one this big. My mom and all her friends do else will you know whether that fabulous item you spot someplace will fit where you want it to in your house?
  10. Like a signature HATCHET!
    I'd buy 7.
  11. LOL!!! Darwin you always crack me up to the point where I'm having a laughing fit and my dog just stares at me like what a freak. Thats true shellbell, I have to always carry a big hefty one when I go furniture shopping. Would be nice to have a more asthetically pleasing one. Now about that hachet..
  12. I'd like a drill holster! ;)
  13. haha. totally!
    i wonder how crazy we'd seem if we suggested it to coach?
  14. OMG you guys are too funny - and while I totally get that a tape measure could be a useful tool while shopping, I'm not sure I could justify the $68 for it, but did I mention it also comes in Cobalt blue leather too?
  15. ooh. blue.
    NOW it's totally worth it.

    though, honestly, i see the necessity of a tape measure at times, i truly do...but, i can't quite justify $68 for one. it's not like the craftsmanship can be all that superior...i mean, i figure as long as it measures correctly, it's all good.