New Coach in time for December PCE?

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  1. When does the December Coach stuff come out? I'm assuming Dec 1? I got a PCE card in the mail today and i'm hoping some new stuff comes out in time!
  2. You got a PCE card already? Congrats! I think the new floorset comes out Dec. 26th.

    On another note - seriously, if I don't get PCE this time I'll be seriously mad...
  3. You and me both. I've had some generous tPF-ers share theirs with me but I would so love to get one of my own. Generally PCE isn't good on the newest stuff although some on here have had their SAs bend the rule.
  4. Really? it says its for winter 07 stuff, which i assume is the newest stuff (are we still technically in fall, right?)
  5. That sounds like the one that just ended for Nov 10-18 that was geared supposedly for outlet shoppers. What dates are listed on your card?
  6. Dec 1 - 9
  7. Wow. I didn't know they would have it again so close to the other one. Are you in the US?
  8. I know there's new stuff coming out after Christmas, but I was pretty sure that there were new things coming out during the first few weeks of boss said we'd be getting new product in soon, so i'm not sure.
  9. i hope new stuff is in time for the pce! that would suck if its RIGHT after. grrr!

    and nope, im in canada.
  10. Ah! I wonder if US cards are going out soon...
  11. On the back of my card it says, "Valid only on purchases of Holiday 2007 merchandise". Anyone know what they mean by that?
  12. I was in Coach on Tuesday night and they said some new was coming in the first week of December.
  13. arnott, whenever i go to a PCE, it's valid on everything in the store.
  14. Are you in Vancouver?
  15. Nope, Toronto.