New Coach Heritage Stripe Question!!

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  1. Will they be coming out with an XL Zip Satchel like the last few times? I really like the look of the new stuff, and want the XL satchel in the new style as well!

    Let me know! I'm kinda out of the loop!
  2. anybody know?
  3. Im not sure really. I love that new Heritage stripe tho. Its gorgeous.
  4. yes it is!

  5. I tried one on two days ago. It was the small satchel? It seemed a little bigger than the last HS, the straps seemed much roomier and thicker.
    I tried on the pink one, which is very very pink!
    I liked it.
    I did not ask if there was a bigger one...
  6. Sorry i don't remember! I was at Coach the other day & i did see that big overnight style. Its on the website, just type heritage into the search bar! Its huge & really nice! Its called the travel satchel but its $548! But its still 10x bigger then the one you are looking for! The only XL they made was the dome one but hopefully it shows up! I really like the small zip-top satchel! The cream/rose is the nicest combo!
  7. The domed satchel is the only one close enough in size to the old XL satchel, and it's still smaller. The other bags are travel bags and are too big (plus it's not in brown stripe).
    The medium zip satchel isn't too bad though. I just got it in the khaki/pink combo, and it looks like it can hold a lot. At least that one is available in the brown stripe, if that's what you're looking for.
  8. I love the new heritage stripe. I just wish the handles were leather and not cloth...i can imagin staining those the first day I wear the bag...
  9. ^^ Yep, that's the one I just got. It looks small online but it is medium sized IRL. For some reason Coach likes to have cloth handles on their spring HS line. If they have any HS in the fall, it will probably be leather handles again.
  10. The handles look like leather to me, I really like the light/pink colored one.

    In the Try this bag on, the older small satchel didn't offer the option of on the shoulder. So that make me think this one is larger.
  11. The handles are cloth, with a leather strip in the middle on the top of the strap.
    The domed satchels have leather handles, as well as the graffiti.
  12. The domed satchel is a great size IMO. It also sits flatter than the XL satchel. I have both styles now and really LOVE the domed satchel!!
  13. that satchel evy pointed out according to the website is larger than the small sabrina, which i actually find pretty roomy. have you looked at the dome satchel? i think it looks pretty nice IMO!!
  14. I saw the small domed satchel today at Macy's, it was very small. I didn't look at it thoroughly though, but I will tomorrow. It's seriously cute though. I might get it if the blue (or is it black?) one satisfies me. The stock pic looks too freaking cute though. I'm dying for an affordable satchel and this one caught my interest. :P

    This one:
    HS Dome Satchel