New Coach Heritage Collection

  1. I just called coach and they gave me the style numbers for 2 of the heritage collection purse and wristlet if anyone wants them let me know.. they were unsure of a wallet though? what wallet would you put with this bag??


  2. wow your good!!! lol thanks the first one will do for me this collection is so cute!!!
  3. I really like this one...:drool: style number 40921 price is $218

  4. I also think this is CUTE!!!!

  5. I know its sooooo cute awwwww
  6. does anyone know what the size difference between the large one and the other size?
  7. There are three sizes, Large, Medium and Small. There is quite a difference between the medium and the large. There were pics posted of the medium and large back to back. You could look for them....let me try to look for you. hold on...
  8. I am worried about the strap sizes does anyone know
  9. so is the large style # 11351 and medium is #11350?
  10. I really love the coin purse! It is so cute!
  11. They also have the zip around accordian wallet too. style no. 41113 $218

  12. Yup :yes:
  13. Aww...Pretty in Pink! What a beautiful collection :smile: Do they come in any other colours?