New Coach Hamptons Baby Bag. Opinions?

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    I have posted a few times on this site...STILL looking for the perfect diaper bag. I have to admit I am a diaper bag snob and want something high-end, but not a LV or Gucci, I think those are a bit much for a diaper bag. Anyway, has anyone seen this Coach one? Very cute! Anyone had a coach diaper bag? It is between this, the Storksak, or the MiaBossi. Any thoughts would be great!! I also kind of like those new totes on Coaches website, but what is up with their prices???? They are getting competitive with LV..I mean for the price of this diaper bag, I could pretty much have a Speedy..I like the idea of all the pockets though..
    I am rambling now..please help! :amazed:
  2. I have that same bag only mine is the purse! I love my purse because the fabric is durable and it is also colorfull with the little charms on the zipper pull.
  3. Hi, fellow mom here. How old is your baby, how much stuff do you need to tote around? I have a two year old, and I find that if I can find the right bag, I can keep enough in it that I do not have to carry a diaper bag (I do keep one in the car as a backup.) The med. Hampton totes are great because they have those two outer side compartments (one on each side) that you can put a bib, diaper and a thin pack of wipes in. Either of these bags would work great IMO as an unoffical mini-diaper bag:


    I like the first one better, I used that bag (the hamptons patchwork version) for quite a while this spring. I am thinking about getting the black one to use this winter.

    The patchwork satchel (my avatar) is what I am using now, and the center zipper compartment also holds all of my diaper needs very well.

    In my car, I keep a Fleurville diaper bag full of supplies and things I might need, but 99% of the time I don't.