New Coach Goody! (Legacy Stripe Wristlet)

  1. I went ahead and bought this after my shift on Saturday; half of the ones we received have NO pink or navy stripes, and I had to dig through the bin to get one that had perfect stripes because I'm a nazi about that sort of thing.

    I love the gold leather.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share!

  2. Ugh. I'm dying to get one of these, too! Not sure if I should gamble on waiting till PCE or bite the bullet now. My stripe pouch should come today! Plus I want the stripe kisslock makeup case.
    Your wristlet is gorgeous!!! I think I'll be taking a trip to Coach tomorrow...
  3. I love it! Highly recommended. Just make sure you ask the SA to bring out several to choose from out of the back, or you might get stuck with bad stripes! I made the manager switch one of our display ones because it was all the brown, green, orange stripes-- it was hideous without the blue and pink!
  4. Great! My SA already probably thinks I'm a nut job! She's going to crack up when I ask for several to choose from :p
  5. Is this one any different than the one from last year?
  6. so pretty sarah!!!!
    i also bought this wristlet last week and asked the SA if i could look at them to be sure of the placement of the stripes!!!!! must have the pink and navy....not too much orange for me!!!
    the biggest difference on this wristlet compared to the last
    would be the price!!!!! was $$68
    but i didn't want to miss out on it this time!!!!
    i also bought the top handle pouch and the picture frame key fob!!!
  7. Love it!!! Congrats on your perfect stripes!
  8. Super pretty -- congrats!
  9. Mokoni, it's $10 more. Other than that, same deal I believe.
  10. Isn't it so cute? I have one, but I guess I just lucked out because it has the pink and blue stripes too. I never had to order another one. Thank goodness too, because I'd be super unhappy without them. How hideous!
  11. So cute!!
  12. That wristlet is absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  13. love it!
  14. LOVE it! Mine has almost the exact same stripes. I agree with you, I was picky too!

    I've only had mine a month and it sure needs a cleaning. It's only in my Legacy purse (and the lining of the purse is totally clean). Wonder why it got so dirty and how can I clean it??
  15. I have this wristlet. It is a great wristlet and looks great in the Legacy bags.