New Coach first wallet!!! **PICS**

  1. I am so excited to finally get my first Coach wallet! The chocolate brown contrasting with the bright pink and tattersall lining is TDF!! I'm just bummed that I can't really use it for my change b/c I'm afraid of trashing the lining. Oh well, I'll get over it. I also picked up the Holiday Patchwork wristlet for DH to give me for Christmas. I was suprisingly strong and only left the store with those two things (although the raisin legacy shoulder bag was really calling my name...) ENJOY!!
    IMG_0129.jpg IMG_0132.jpg IMG_0130.jpg IMG_0131.jpg
  2. More pics...
    IMG_0139.jpg IMG_0138.jpg IMG_0133.jpg IMG_0135.jpg
  3. Oh my goodness. That wallet is beautiful. I have never seen that one before.
    What a beautiful addition to your collection. Congrats on everything!
  4. Looks great with your purse! Congrats!
  5. That is one TDF wallet!! Love it! It matches your bag and stuff! Perfect pair! :biggrin: Congrats!!
  6. Cute stuff!
    Your puppy too!
  7. Sweet wallet and wristlett! They look fab with your Carly. Love that adorable pup too!:love:
  8. I love the inside of your wallet~ fabulous!
  9. :tup:
  10. Great stuff! I love the interior of the wallet! So pretty!
  11. Beautiful stuff! I too buy presents for myself for my husband to give me for Christmas!! It makes his life easier, and I always get exactly what I want! Congrats on your purchases.
  12. you need a change purse! ;);)
  13. Very nice! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations! I have this exact same wallet and LOVE it!! It's so perfect for me!! And I love the wristlet!! Gorgeous!
  15. Thanks for celebrating with me!! You all are so awesome. I was thinking of using my denim skinny for a change purse but then it has legacy lining. I'm just going to have to find a "cheap" one at the outlet that I won't care if it gets ruined.

    And our little Kiwi the weinie...we rescued him last weekend. He is a 7 month old Mini Daschund. He is so loving, likes to snuggle - and is spoiled rotton!!