new coach found in search.

  1. I typed "A" in on coach and came up wiht all kinds of new stuff, here it is.

  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    and that's it. I'm assuming red color is the chilli, I think it looks great against the khaki. I hope not all of this was posted already.
  3. I know the scarves are in the current catalog, but that chili color is yummy!
  4. Dag, all that from typing the letter "A" - who knew! :tup:
    Thanks for the eye candy!! :nuts:
  5. And I forgot to add, I am loving that black and white sig Ergo.
  6. the black &white sig. ergo looks GREAT!
  7. I like the zebra and legacy stripe scarf!
  8. I'm loving that black and white sig ergo!!
  9. Holy Coach Batman... I just tried it out & the search came up with so much stuff! Not all new but some stuff I've never seen before or thought was long gone from the site!

    The Chili Ergo tote is Caliente!!!:drool:
  10. I really like that chili ergo.
  11. u r a genius! I love the chili color!
  12. i love that red bag
  13. Love the belt.
  14. Great stuff!
  15. Ooooohhhhh! I'm lovin' the black/white signature combo on the Ergo Hobo!