New Coach For Spring

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  1. I am not usually a fan of coach..but what do you think of this one? I remember reading another forum member had purchased a pastel scribble. How is the quality of these bags?

  2. hummm thats kinda cute
  3. I want one of the small totes! I think they're cute ;D
  4. Just got mine but haven't taken pictures, I love it and am getting tons of complements! There is green threading running throughout the suede, it's just a really fun bag!
  5. I think it looks like what a thirteen-year old girl would carry... but all that matters is that you like it.
  6. It's a cute bag for the Spring and Summer.

    I just got Coach's little catalog yesterday, I love their Legacy Leather Hobo in white and dark brown colors.
  7. I think its cute :smile:

    Im really enjoying looking through the new spring line. Im especially excited to see that they are starting to make Nano cases.....but the two they have now are a little bold for me.
  8. Its adorable a little, can't say its something I'd buy though. I didn't really care for that Legacy collection or w/e, they had the "private" showing for online. Did anyone else catch that?
  9. Coach has nano cases? What kind? How did I miss that? I so desperately need a new nano case! Thanks for the tip!
  10. I love it... I like the tote bag also =]
  11. I don't like it. The only bag that caught my eye was the white one with a bee on it. I like the sunglasses though.
  12. I like the size of the large tote is the fabric a trated canvas like or is it really delicate like the scarf print? I like the shoes that go with the flower & bee tote.
  13. For some reason I've never liked the scribble, it looks too much like dooney and burke
  14. mmm.. i almost spell that catalog backwords from the No. of times i browsed it!! :lol:
    but mmm scrible didnt make it to my wish list at all (good save more!).. too happy!! waaay too happy colors i must say..:blink:

    yet the plain one color white stuff (tote.. wristlest and others).. are nice :amuse:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.