New Coach Fan

  1. I've been lurking here for a while now, always hate joining new forums as it can be quite intimidating, however all you ladies seem nice and friendly so i've decided to take the plunge!

    Posting here instead of in the intro thread because I don't really use the rest of the forum, its the Coach section thats had me hooked.

    I don't own any Coach yet (working on it), I live in Scotland so its hard to get them but thankfully a friend of mine is heading to Florida so has her instructions for the outlets along with pictures and lists of styles, items and colours that I want. I've also bookmarked a lot of the sellers listed in the eBay thread.

    Not sure why im particularly obsessed with Coach over other designers, I just love the designs the fact that they are long lasting. I also blame a friend in New York who is a Coach lover and put me onto them.

    I shall be spending the rest of my lunch hour drooling over the lovely new arrivals but just wanted to stop in and formally say 'hello'.
  2. Hi and welcome! :flowers: Now that you're here, better lock up your credit cards, but even so :tpfrox:
  3. Hi Astrid! Welcome to TPF! I also must live vicariously through other members purchases here.. But I love seeing all the new stuff... Went to Florida last fall and found a few cute things at the outlets there!! :drool:

    Again, welcome and jump in any time... The other TPF'ers are sooo nice and fun to hang around with!!:wlae:
  4. Welcome Astrid, glad you decided to join in!:flowers:
  5. Welcome Astrid ! I hope you get something you like during your friend's trip ! Are you interested in a particular line or material ?
  6. Welcome, please post pics when you get your first Coach!
  7. Welcome!!! Which styles are you hoping to get at the outlet? Can't wait to see pics of your first Coach! :tup:
  8. Welcome Astrid! Glad you are joining us. It's a dangerously addictive place.
  9. Welcome! These ladies are right- it is addictive but such fun!
  10. Welcome Astrid! Looking forward to pics of you new bag!
  11. Hi Astrid, welcome! Please do share your wish list with us! :balloon:

  12. WELCOME!!!! Your Coach collection is going to grow very fast now!!!
  13. Hello! So nice to meet you!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see more of you and get to know you! Have fun here, and if you have any questions...just ask!!!
  14. welcome! you'll love it here! [but your wallet won't!]

  15. Hello Astrid! :flowers: Welcome to the purse forum. I am looking forward to hearing about which coach purses you like. Post pics when your friend brings back your coach!