New Coach Fall Design Reminds Me of BE...

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  1. I just came across a thread in Coach where they're showing new bags coming up in the next floorset and I was amazed at how much the threading and handles reminded me of BE styles...

    Anyone else see the resemblance?:smile:

    Maybe BE is ahead of its time in its designs!

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  2. Cute bags! Is that first one red or rust? I want a rust BE so badly! I'm going to pester Junie right into the loony bin over some rust leather! And you're right, TexMama - the threaded handles on those Coaches look like BE's! I guess Marco hand-threads BE's, though? I wonder how long it takes him to make a bag? I would LOVE to watch him make one. I hear he's pretty shy, though.
  3. OMG Moonie...I would love to watch a bag get made too! This should be a new feature of the website!!!

    I do like the looks of those new Coach bags...definitely reminds me of some aspects of BE...
  4. I bet they wouldn't let us see a whole bag made from beginning to end. There might be a secret or something in the making. Maybe they could show parts though? More action shots would be great on the website! I'm going to ask Junie!! She did, after all, ask for suggestions.

  5. Me too ... they could do a video.