1. I want a black bag because all my other bags (coach & non-coach) are bright fruity colors and sometimes its hard to match. I've been looking around for THE black bag, the one which will match all (or most) outfits. I haven't seen this bag irl yet but I have a crush on it right now. :heart: I'm a poor college freshman so money can't be spent unless its 'worth it'. I rarely buy retail, most of my bags I buy from the outlets so I don't have much signature pieces.

    For about $50 off, do you think its worth $220? Any chance of this appearing at an outlet? I don't see much signature pieces at the woodbury outlet and when I do the prices aren't that much lower.

    So what do you think? $220 a deal or no?
  2. i think it is a good deal. go for it
  3. I think it's reasonable for what the Large Ergo Hobo's are going for right now. It is the Large right? If it's not the large then I think you could do better on eBay looking for a Large one.