New coach ergo patchwork

  1. Have you guys seen the new patchwork? I'm conflicted over which color to you like the blue/denim or khaki? The obvious choice is to buy both, but my hubby would kill me. Help!!!
  2. Definitely denim cause it has that extra jeans pocket detail that the khaki doesn't have
    Makes it much much cuter!
    It's to :drool: for!
  3. My vote is for the denim - love the jeans pocket, the little flowers, and the splash of purple! Which style bag? (never mind, just read the title again, heh heh)
  4. No he wouldn't! He'd get mad and well you know him best! Buy one now, get one later!

    I guess I'm not just an enabler, maybe a homewreaker too!
  5. i like the khaki because i love those golds and browns!:drool:
  6. guys are fab!!! This forum is AMAZING!!!
  7. i'm not a huge fan of either, but the indigo has a little something "extra" to it that is nice.
  8. I like the denim and the khaki so I'm absolutely no help. :biggrin:
    Actually if I HAD to choose, I would go with the denim.
  9. denim you can get a khaki bag when fall comes :biggrin:

    or you can get a denim ergo and a khaki swingpack !
  10. At first i liked the denim but the purple got to me and I didn't like the flowers on it so in a bag I'd probably get the khaki with the blue flower charm!
  11. I am going with the majority here.. the denim!! It is soo cute and I Love the pocket that says coach on it!!!
  12. I've seen them in person and both are reallly pretty, but I have to say the denim with the pocket and embroidered flowers is really adorable! Love it!:graucho:

  13. I think this is the only reason I like the denim patchwork....the little jeans pocket is so cute!!
  14. I had the indigo patchwork ergo, so I vote for the indigo color!
    Just not an ergo fan!
    I would definitely buy the Carly in indigo!
  15. Denim!
    My friend emailed me today that she loves that bag so if I get a PCE card, I am giving it to her.