New Coach eBay purchase!

  1. Key fob!
  2. that is beautiful...congrats!!:tup::yes:
  3. No offense, and I'll eat crow if I'm wrong :smile: but you might want to check authenticity on that. Typically the lozenges don't have raised lettering, but are smooth. I've not seen one with that many lozenge charms on it. Again, that's just my .02 :shrugs: The seller has a lot of duplicate items.
  4. I think you might be right...something about it looks off. Hopefully it didn't cost much.
  5. 8 bucks. I think it's cute regardless.
  6. I was thinking the same thing.. didn't want to offend anyone. :confused1: If you haven't paid you may be able to get your money back though. :confused1:
  7. I paid already. does anyone have a pic of the real deal?
  8. I don't think Coach ever made that style.

    Unfortunately, about 99% of the "Coach" keyfobs on eBay are fake. It's very disheartening. :tdown:
  9. Unfortunately I am no expert but I don't think that is real... but I did find the real one on the drilldown for reference

  10. [​IMG]

    This is from the drilldown. The white flower has torquise in the center of it.
  11. Yeah looks like I got a fake...but for 8 bucks, I can probably give it to my little sister or something. :smile: She doesn't care if it's real!
  12. ^^ oops I was a little late.
  13. yeah I'd just chalk it up to that.. atleast you're not out a lot... in the future I would look on the drilldown and the girls on the authenticate this thread are a great help!! Usually keychains are around $30 and a lot of them are fake unfortunately.
  14. Honestly, I don't think any keychain is worth $30. I'll put that $30 towards a handbag!
  15. eBay can be risky if not buying from a reputable seller. I am banned from buying off eBay. I'm glad you're only out $8. Most people out & about wouldn't have the Coach expertise to know that it's fake!