New Coach Delphine Bag Coming Out in Fall 2007 in NYTimes Fashion Insert Page 158

  1. Hi Everyone.

    I saw a new Coach Handbag in today's Sunday NY Times Fall Fashion insert which is the Coach python Delphine Bag which will be sold for $4,000. The Delphine is named after Reed Krakoff's wife - his #1 inspiration. Each Delphine contains a single seam of 4,100 stitches and takes three people 21 hours to produce. The Delphine is also being made in suede and leather versions. I called Coach Customer Service and there is no information on this bag yet - no item number and no price for the leather and suede versions. They don't even know that this bag exists. This bag will be featured in the Coach Fall Ad Campain. The caption says that it will be made in Alligator, suede and leather. Apparently this bag is going to be very limited. I believe there will only be 50 of the python made. I think that this bag is beautiful. Hopefully it won't be more expensive than my Mandy.
  2. thanks for sharing...i'd love to see this on a model
  3. Its really hard to make out exactly what this bag looks like. I'm getting nervous. If Coach prices keep rising I'm afraid I wont be able to afford Coach anymore.
  4. Oh boy, I don't care for that bag at all!!! I'd feel like I was constantly carrying a big snake on my arm and I HATE snakes!!!:sad:

  5. The Delphine is also being made in leather and suede versions and those might be nice. I agree with you though as I am not much into snake skins.
  6. I don't care for the snake version but I have a feeling the leather and suede version will be TDF!!! I'd love one in black, it looks very slouchy which is a preference of mine. Thanks for sharing this news!!! :smile:
  7. oh yuck
  8. :shocked:
  9. I am interested in seeing what the leather one looks like...I have a phobia of snakes, so that one in the pictures kinda freaks me out!
  10. Ugh, I hate snakes....ew. That bag freaks me out. I think it will look a lot better in leather or suede.
  11. My biggest concern would be that if someone saw me wearing that they may think I was being attacked by a giant snake.:amazed: The suede or leather bag might look alot better.;)
  12. :amazed: poor snake :sad:
  13. I love snakeskin and I think this bag is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the leather version.
  14. I would love to see that bag in leather!:tup:

    Thanks for sharing!
  15. Tdf!