New Coach coupon

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  1. I just got my mail and got a $50 off $150 or more purchase coupon. It expires April 27th.

    Exceptions and other instruction - One time use, valid only at Coach stores, not valid on holds, phone orders or web pickup.

    No product exemptions.
  2. are kidding right?
  3. umm.. omg
  4. CRAP, i hope i get one of those!
  5. Really? OMG I hope I get one of these.
  6. Really?? another coupon I am probably not going to get hehe.
  7. Wow...I wish I could get one!! I've never heard of this!!
  8. I'm calling my SA. But first does it say what type of promo it is?
  9. I wonder if all COACH customers are getting one of these? I hope its not like the PCE where only random people get it... <shaking head> NICE, RIGHT when I just bought something! UGHHHHH :cursing: I'll be taking my bag back to get the 50 bucks off thats for sure! (if I get the coupon!)
  10. no way!! I JUST bought something!! Omg I need one!
  11. Wow, thats awesome! hope i get one too!
  12. Sigh. I want one too!!! I JUST ordered that navy satchel yesterday darn it!
  13. ***runs out to check the mail***
  14. huh?? I never heard of this...
  15. nothing.