New Coach Collar PIX

  1. So here are the pics I promised of the dog collars I picked up from the Coach outlet. :yahoo: The signature pattern on Coby (white/brindle) is older and dirty (sorry:shame: ). I am going to clean it up shortly. The blue one is the brand new one.

    Loki is our first model - he is about 2 years old
    Coby is out second model - he is about 4 years old

    Both boys are American Pit Bull Terriers. :flowers:
    IMAGE_00073.jpg IMAGE_00074.jpg IMAGE_00076.jpg IMAGE_00078.jpg
  2. Aw! What cute models you have, lol. I love the second collar and the first, you cant even tell is dirty from the pictures!
  3. Thanks abandonedimages! :flowers:
  4. AWWWW! What cute collars AND puppies! :heart:
  5. Thanks anotheremptysky!
  6. Aww you're such a good mommy to get your dogs such nice presents!
  7. Awww. The collars look so cute on your dogs!
  8. adorable!
  9. Nice collars!
  10. Those look REALLY nice and what awesome dogs! :o)

    I bought one for my ex-friend's dog (long story) and one for my dog that he ended up pretty much stealing from me (yes, he took my dog and I can't get her back)... his dog had the black leather one while my little girly had the pink and black plaid one.
  11. Those are sooo cute, especially the blue one. Do you remember how much you got them for? Cute doggies.:love:
  12. He took your dog??? And I thought the guys I knew were complete a:censor:holes..
  13. yes!! She was a sheltie/brittany cross! We were the best of friends (the guy and I) and I couldn't keep her at my house because of my cat and she got along well with his dog so she stayed at his house. I was over at his house about 4 or 5 days a week and everything but he ended our friendship because I didn't want to date him! Now he refuses to talk to me and his two roommates who I was also friends with are less than helpful in the situation. Her microchip is in his name because she lives at his house.I've been tempted to go take her from the backyard (lol) but I have no place I can take her right now and I'd feel terrible just snatching her because she loves it there and I know she's well cared for. *sigh*
  14. Your two dogs are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The collars look great on them!
  15. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet....George would love a collar like that:yahoo: !