NEW Coach charms (pics!)

  1. Wooohoo! I stopped by Coach today and they have their new brass hardware charms, and guess what!

    The L and the V match the LV canvas! I'm posting this in the LV forum too so the girls can see.

    I had to get them for my Speedy. I wonder if they did this on purpose :graucho: The reverse sides are pink and black, respectively (and the pink matches my new Hermes scarf :yahoo:!). But the brown is perfect against the damier canvas on my speedy and I know it'll look fab against the monogram!

    Here are pics with my new Hermés perfume too. Thought I'd share with you Coach ladies so you can pick them up! I so love that the hardware FINALLY matches LV bags-- and a LOT MORE Coach bags too. It just looks more expensive also. I love Coach accessories. :yahoo:



  2. Cute!!!! I love the brass h/w!!!
  3. Those look fantastic on you damier speedy!
  4. You are sick, missy!!! Enabler!!! They look fab with your speedy.
  5. I love your speedy! If I were to get another LV this would be the exact bag!!

    I didn't think I would like the charms with the brass hardware, but the more pics I see of them I am loving them!!!

    P.S. I recently smelled the new Hermes fragrance and it smells amazing!
  6. ^^Thank you! :yahoo:

    I'm sitting at the office sniffing myself. My coworkers think I've lost it. :roflmfao:

    The charms just look more... luxe... with the brass! I don't know why. Kwim?
  7. This is one of the reasons I've held off on buying charms. I did succumb to the pisces charm, but it's purple, which I never wear & goes with absolutely nothing I own. I wish we could order custom colors! I do like the newer look, though--thanks for sharing!
  8. By the way, where do rednecks come from? LOL, I am originally from eastern KY, so I believe that would qualify!!!
  9. ^^Arkansas, baby!
  10. Sarah, we have not heard from you for a bit. Great to see you here girl!
    Congrats on your new charms, they look great on your speedy. I am going
    to order some new charms tomorrow. If coach made the right Speedy for
    me (Vintage Leather) I would most definitely purchase it. The LV's are just
    not me. Congrats!:tup:
  11. If only the D charm was as pretty as those.......
  12. Liz, I've been camped out in the LV forum for a bit, and more recently, I've lost my mind and converted to Hermés. It's killing me here. Even with the price jumps recently, Coach's prices look SOOOOO good to me right now :roflmfao:
  13. Very cute!!
  14. Sarah, love those charms, they look fabulous on your LV! Your purse collection is sure growing by leaps and bounds too....Congrats! Can't wait to see photos soon, so I can drool! :drool:
    Thanks for your kinds words on my thread.