New Coach charm (pic)

  1. My new charm came today! I was totally expecting something like the Ergo keychain, so was kinda surprised when I opened this one. He had described it as "a tiny Legacy tote; very detailed; signature CC's in silver on it and trimmed in blue." He failed to mention it was metal though -- I really did expect a tiny little leather purse on a keychain!

    Cute! But I'm returning it for something else. :p This was $38 and the item # is 94056.

    It measures about 1.5" x 1.75"
  2. cute! i kinda like the metal!
  3. Wow!! That's really cute... I may have to go order one of those...
  4. Yeah, id think it be cuter if it was leather!
  5. It really IS adorable and beautifully detailed! I just don't care for the enamel metal keychains... but that's me. Don't let my disappointment in it take away from how cute this really is!!! :choochoo:
  6. I really like it!
  7. Ooh! I love the metal; very cute! It looks a bit too big for my taste though.
  8. Oh, it's really cute!!! I kinda like the metal!! Hope they make it to the outlets and I can pick one up when we head south for a few weeks!
  9. I think it's cute! I'd personally use it more as a keyfob than a charm (especially near a leather bag)

    but cute!
  10. I really like it too.
  11. Ooh that is cute and very detailed...I might have to find one
  12. I love it!!!! Im deff going to buy one!
  13. It's really cute ... I like the fact that it's metal.
  14. I like it--do they make a pisces (sp?) one?
  15. Agreed.:yes: