New Coach Catalogue what are your favs!!!

  1. I recieved my new coach book but why do i have to wait until aug, sept and october. :cursing: I am a coach jewerly girl i love the new rings especially the gold and the necklace on the front cover!!!! Also, the new legacy satchels in brown and sign. stripe. What's everyones must haves?
  2. I don't know what mine are yet--can't wait to receive the new catalog!
  3. i'm pining away for the Bliss ballet flats. i got the small signature Chelsea hobo in black and, can i say this, i almost prefer it over my Carly:wtf:.
  4. I got the Red Patent Leather Ergo Hobo and I also ordered the Legacy Stripe Framed Slim Envelope Wallet. Love 'em both!!!:nogood:
  5. I picked up one of these in the boutique last week. I'm in love with the Chelsea mineral hobo, I'm hoping I can buy one before PCE ends. I also like the khaki/ebony Carly, the Psychedelic Legacy oblong scarf, the Havannah pumps and the Ladie legacy stripe flats. Oh and of course I'm still pining for a legacy turnlock framed wallet.

    Stuff I am :drool: over that is WAY out of the budget so I'll most likely never own it: Chelsea Abbey, wow-I so love this bag but $ my dreams! Slate embossed suede shoulder bag, again :heart: it but $598, still too rich for me. The Miranda is quite nice too, as is the Lily XL but over $1000...:wtf: Yeah, it's a great bag with tons of gorgeous detail so I guess that justifies the price.
  6. I am waiting for my catalog. I did get one of them from my best fried though....the chelsea satchel in parchment #10978.

    Another one I really want is the chelsea signature satchel in white/black#10986. I love the look of this bag.....I am hoping to get it end of August when my ban is over. Or maybe sept during next pce.
  7. I really love the Abbey Flap and the Red Ergo hobo! They are both gorgeous bags! I'm on a ban though, so no goodies for me (except for birthday later in the year).

    Anyone who buys these bags, please post pics so I can at least enjoy yours!:p
  8. The Abbey flap is to DIE for, but WAY out of my budget:crybaby:
  9. I feel you pain, I feel the same way.
  10. Oh! oh!
    Pg. 39.......................
    Leigh Leather Pocket Flap #11128:drool:
    .................besides I'm on a ban.;)

  11. I've already purchased some things from the new catalog, like the large khaki/black carly, chelsea mineral wristlet, both of the Ladie ballet flats (striped and signature) but I absolutely can't wait until I can get my hands on the new sterling silver snaphead ring!!!! :yahoo:
  12. is the new cataolgue online yet?
  13. What is the snaphead ring?????

    Edit: Nevermind -- I found it on pg 28 :smile: Gorgeous!
  14. I don't think so! I tried getting to it the way I usually do (via the "catalog request" link at the bottom of any of the pages) but it's not letting me click on the picture of the cover to go to the online version. :shrugs:
  15. Got the Chelsea mineral wallet, but want the Bliss flats and a Chelsea satchel.