new coach catalog- bags to die 4 in Aug!

  1. I was in the local Coach store this weekend, and got the new catalog.

    The new bags coming in Aug are the lovliest they have done in a while. They have one blue bag with flower sequins that is stunning and the mulberry suede and leathers are beautiful.

    I don't have a scanner on my computer, but maybe someone here can post some photos.
  2. I don't like the flower bags in blue..I like it better in the creamy tan color. But the pumps in blue are tdf. I probably won't get anything from this cataloge b/c nothing really jumps at me..except for the signature patchwork hobo w/ white that I LOVE!
  3. Oh! Someone please post pictures!
  4. wait are you talking about the one with the model surrounded by the stripe totes? if not and its brand spanking new please tell me theres a new swing pack?! : ))
  5. You guys are such a tease.
  6. agreeded! LOL! they only way I get the catelogue is if I go to the store, I've been put on the mailing list a million times and it never comes to my house! :mad:
  7. I'll try to take a picture of the pages from the cataloge..I think someone might have already in another tread floating around.
  8. If I can take a pic when I get home tonight, I will post it. That and the scarf print is the only one that I liked.
  9. Yea, their new line is really nice. They changed some of their signature styles, i like the new patchwork and tie-dye ones.I've been put on the mailing list a million times and it never comes to my houseyea me too, i got their summer catalog and they never keep sending. I just keep requesting the catalog online
  10. ok here are the pictures of the catalog..hope they came out ok, I tried my best. I like the ivory satchel but don't intend to buy I'm not in "love" with it..but the shoes are really lovely! I'll post more of the catalog if requested. Haha I sound like I'm in business.
    2006_0628Image0001.jpg 2006_0628Image0002.jpg 2006_0628Image0003.jpg
  11. caqn u post more please? is there going to be any big totes?
  12. Thank you for posting pictures Pursefanatic85! I'm kind of digging those bronze loafer heels, lol. Everyones welcome to post more pictures :P

    Coachlover123, love your avatar! I dont see enough Burberry talk around here, lol.
  13. does any body know when this line wil hit stores?
  14. They won't be available til August in select stores. Here are some more photos sorry there might be a glare
    2006_0628Image0001.jpg 2006_0628Image0002.jpg 2006_0628Image0003.jpg 2006_0628Image0004.jpg 2006_0628Image0005.jpg 2006_0628Image0006.jpg 2006_0628Image0007.jpg 2006_0628Image0008.jpg
  15. owww i love some of the new bags!!!