New Coach Ballets!!!!

  1. Just picked these up at Lord and Taylor!! Love them! Not a big coach wearer but these looked so cute on. The logos are so concentrated that you cant really tell they are coach when you are wearing them unless you look hard. They told me they were brand new. Does anyone know if these come in any other colors???????

  2. Selena they are adorable! Girl you find the most beautiful things! I can't find any flats in my size! Why do I have big feet! Damn my size 10 size! Oh they are pretty like hell! I want them sooo bad! loL!
  3. I love them. I am not really into logos on my shoes, but these really are so small they almost look llike metallic woven material...does that make sense?
  4. cute!!
  5. Impsola I am a size 10!! These are actually a 9.5 the 10s were HUGE!!
  6. oh wow those are so pretty!
  7. lol! Really? Cool! I have wide feet thats why a 10 sometimes fits better you know! I love them! Congrats again. The color is divine!
  8. If anyone is interested they are VALARI and looks like they come in black too. Not sure if I need another pair of black...but hmmmmmmm

    Would hot pink be adorable!!!!
  9. :huh:oh those are cute!!
  10. Those are beautiful, Selena! Now I want a pair! :lol:
  11. those are way too cute! i'd be itching for Spring even more if I had those!
  12. they are absolutely beautiful
    i love anything w/ gold or metalic
  13. They are super cute!
  14. so cute!! i love them!
  15. LOL I know! i am dying to wear them! With our weather they will be sitting for a few more months!