New Coach Bags?

  1. Hi everyone! Im all set to use the PCE discount this weekend was wondering if anyone had pictures of new bags that arent on the Coach or Macy's website yet but should be coming out soon? My SA lets me advance order w/ my coupon so I want to make sure Im not missing something amazing! I havent had much luck finding new styles :angel: I know those Madison (?) bags will be coming out soon, and then there is the possibility of pleated ergos- anything else? Thanks!
  2. id like to know this as well !
  3. ^^ Me Three!! :yes:
  4. I asked today but they didn't have anything they could show me :sad:
  5. bummer :tdown: Any idea on when the new stuff will be available to see??
  6. The new floorset comes out the day after Christmas.
  7. Right, but what is IN the new floorset? Anyone?
  8. I stopped by my local Coach Store last night and the SA offered to look for any new items in leather or Legacy and leave printouts from JAX of the "out but not in stores" for me tonight if I get in the store before she does.
  9. thanks... that stinks! :tdown: Guess it's good timing for Coach getting people in the store after Christmas!!! They are always thinking!!!! :graucho:
  10. ohhh! please do tell when you get back!
  11. I heard earlier from someone, lots of PINK...don't know in what styles but someone else learned about rose/sig and pond/ sig bleeckers...and all leather styles.
  12. I absolutely LOVE pink.. and that khaki/rose is just going to get me when it comes out... oh man!!!!! :drool: :wtf: :drool:
  13. Well the new slim carlys are in my store now!
  14. There is a new legacy (?) hippie and one called the Julia which looked to be in the Thompson line. I ended up ordering a blue slim carly and in a nice way insisted to the manager that the slim leather carlys were available because she couldn't find them in JAX.

    The resort bags were canvas and looked nice but not my style.

    I also picked up an application :smile: