New Coach Bags!!!

  1. Hi everyone! A friend helped me come across some new bags - some are really nice I think. I think the second one may be the new mini Lily but Im not sure. I love the new mini tote!!! and that last one is TDF- it might be suede? I cant tell for sure. I cant wait to see them all IRF! :heart:
    11097_d1.jpg 11081_d1.jpg 11351_d1.jpg 11359_d1.jpg 11505_d1.jpg
  2. I'm loving the last one. It looks shimmery.
  3. [​IMG]

    I have tried this one (in denim) a few times and I love it. I want it for school to carry my laptop.

    Ugh, I wish it were in the latest catalog though because I want to keep looking at it before buying it. :smile:
  4. I'm really loving the last tote.
  5. Love the last one! Wow!
  6. Does anyone know what the numbers are on the pink crossbody or the peony tote and prices and if they will be orderable soon? Thanks! I love pink here in Florida.I can wear it just about all year and I do have a credit from my birthday to buy something. Thanks!!!
  7. LOVE 1, 2, and 5!
  8. The pink crossbody is 11359 & the peony tote is 11388. Not sure about prices though! :flowers:
  9. I adore the first and second one!
  10. I was wrong, page 7 in that thread!
  11. omg! i love the third one!! i wonder if it will come in different colors.
  12. Don't know if they're doing any more colors, but it comes in the green, pink, light blue, and brown as well. My boutique had that one, another style tote, and accessories (wallet, beauty case) on display as a preview......according to the SA the line isn't technically released until next year but of course that could change.
  13. these are cute, but the green tote almost looks fake to me. A lot of the fake bags I see have those kinda straps, so it just irritates me.