New Coach Bags for me!

  1. This is my new Brown Ali and my new Ergo Vintage Vachetta Hobo. I love them both! I bought them both
    at the Macy's F & F. The Vachetta Leather is so buttery soft and what I like best is that since it is a vintage leather you can wipe out any scratches with the oils on your finger just like the Legacy Vintage leather bags!
  2. Those are both gorgeous! Congrats.
  3. I can't seem to stay away from the brown Ali no matter where I go in this forum!!! It's speaking to me....
  4. Very nice!!
  5. We're gettin' lots of Ali's lately! Both bags are very nice!
  6. Gorgeous bags!

  7. Congrats!
  8. Both are beautiful, enjoy!
  9. Lovely-congrats!
  10. Very pretty bags! :yes:
  11. there beautiful congrats!
  12. Gorgeous bags!! I love that Ali, it's just perfect. :yes:
  13. Beautiful!!! Love that hobo!
  14. Congrats! Great ergo bag.
  15. Thanks everybody! I hope that everyone who was found something at Macy's F & F enjoys their new goodies!:smile: