New Coach bags Dillards/Northpark/Dallas

  1. The Dilliards in NorthPark Mall which is a test store has the new bags with the horse and buggy on top of the logo and on the tag. They look very similar to the fall bags that are out now but they aslo had some different styles. I think that I read about these in a post a while back that Sprinkles may have posted.
  2. Horse and buggy bags? Interesting...
  3. Found the thread:

    Here's the info:

    Heritage is a new edition this fall, what makes it unique is the logo- it says Coach and has a little horse/buggy thing on it! The color options for signature are khaki/pink, khaki/green, khaki/blue and khaki/dark brown.

    The tote (11350) looks like the taller lunch totes at the outlets that have two slit pockets on the sides. It has the logo on the front and is pretty plain to be honest besides the buggy! It doesn't show measurements, but it has patent trim and costs $298.

    The flight bag is awesome, it is a swingpack style but it's a rectangular shape and is like a wide short boxy thing. It has the buggy on the front and the logo, again there are not measurements but it is $228.
  4. I don't think that I am describing them very well. But over the name Coach on the handbag was a horse and carriage and the same for the tag. Let me see if I can find more info.
  5. Wow that was fast. Thanks
  6. Pics! We need pics!
  7. Ditto! :yahoo:
  8. I'm excited, but I can't visual the new horse/buggy motif...I'm at the edge of my seat waiting for pic's!
  9. Yeah i just searched it and sprinkles thread came up. I remember her having that so knew it had to be there... LOL I was bored...
  10. Unfortunetly I don't have any. I checked on eBay also but I can't find anything. I can tell you that the duffle was very similiar to this vintage bag pictured below(borrowed from eBay) and it was brown/black signature. I am using this picture to demonstrate the shape of the bag (the bottom of the bag was in a circle) at it came in two different sizes. There were probably 5-6 different styles but this is the only one that I really looked at.

    Sorry that I could not be more help.


  11. THIS is the bag I dream about!!!! I want it in EVERY color. I will at least get it in Navy (ink).