New Coach Bags and Wallets!

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  1. DH and I are visiting Orlando with my parents and because of the rainy weather decided to spend the day outlet shopping. I was very eager to check out a Coach Outlet (as there are none in Canada). We went to the Prime Outlet, close to Sea World.

    I was looking for a messenger style bag, and I knew I would grab as a SOHO flap if I saw one (as they seem to be impossible to find in Canada). I was also contemplating a new wallet/wristlet.

    They had tons of Soho flaps, and I decided to go with a black leather one because I already have a dark brown bag (LV Damier Speedy 25). I went with the smaller size bag.

    I then went to look at wallets and wristlets. As pretty as the wristlets were, I didn't think they were especially practical- they seem like they'd be great for clubbing, but I'm not really into that scene! I ended up going with a SOHO minisig mini wallet in black, so it complements my flap but isn't too matchy matchy.

    I then found a great messenger style bag, the HML Swing Pack in Turquoise. I think it will be perfect for walking the dog, as it's just big enough to carry my essentials.

    DH decided to get a new Slimfold ID Wallet in black.

    When my mom saw my soho flap she decided she wanted one too. So she went to the outlet and found the exact same bag that I got, only in dark brown! It was the only one left and on sale for $60. I had actually considered the bag, but as I've mentioned, I already have the speedy and don't have any black bags!

    As I've mentioned in another thread, I found the service to be excellent- the SAs were friendly but not pushy, we were asked if we needed help numerous times, and the cashier was very friendly. I am, however, a bit confused that I didn't get dust bags for my bags, just the wallets- is this maybe an outlet thing?

    Anyway, here are our purchases....

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  2. What a great way to spend a rainy day. I love your new bags and wallets. Congratulations!
  3. thats why i love going to the outlets!

    YAY for you.
  4. Great purchases...I have the same Soho flap and love it! Hope you do too :flowers:

    At outlets, I find that the dust bags are tucked away inside the bags... at least at my outlet they are. If there's more than one of that bag there, I try to find one with a dustbag.
  5. Congrats! I love the soho flaps, they are one of my favorite bags! :tup: Usually the outlets do not have dustbags unless they are already in the bag (usually from full price store) Congrats again! :tup:
  6. BTW Is that the LARGE soho flap for $60?!?! :nuts: I just called my closest outlets (2 hours away) and their price on that is $139!! I would kill to get that bag in mahogany!!!!! :drool:
  7. Great haul! I really like the blue swingpack!
  8. nope, it was the small one as well! but $60 including tax is a great bargain!
  9. Amen! Still a great deal!!! :drool: Any idea how much the large were? :shrugs:
  10. WOW!!! Congrats!!!

  11. At the Houston Outlet The Soho Flaps were $97. I think they were the large. They weren't tiny ones anyway :P I only saw Black leather, Black and White Mini Sig and Khaki/Doe(I think) Mini Sig.
  12. Oh man, it sounds like a fun day. If I spent every rainy day here at the outlet I would be bankrupt, LOL!!!:P
  13. Nice purchases. Love the Soho flap.
  14. Thanks Tara! :tup: That's a steal! If anyone spots a large mahogany at their outlet, please let me know! :tup:
  15. Awesome finds. A great rainy day adventure.