New Coach Bag In September Allure!

  1. The new Coach Bag with the horse and buggy on the front. Made of wool and leather.

    Pg. 130 of September Allure mag (the one with Britney on the cover.)

    I don't know about you girls, but I am not feeling this bag!:nogood:

  2. :yahoo:***3,000 POSTS***!:yahoo:
  3. LOL and congrats on the 3K post!

    But umm, I agree with you - I'm not feeling that bag. I like it better in the leather (like the ones they currently have on without the h-n-b logo.
  4. I saw that today too...blech. Not feeling it.
  5. Congrats on the postcount. :smile:

    Ew. I'm also not feeling that bag. I don't like the wool body. Maybe if it had tha tattersall fabric instead...
  6. I saw that.......not feeling it either.....

    And congrats on hitting 3K!!
  7. I just saw this in the look book this past weekend at the boutique and I wasn't impressed. . . all I could say was "hmm, interesting". . . *turning the page*
  8. Eeewww!! :tdown:
  9. Thanks everyone!:tup:

  10. That is one ugly bag.
  11. I'm not feeling it either :nogood:....wouldn't that wool feel itchy?? yuck!:sick:

    Congrats on 3k posts!

  12. Ooooh the tattersall would be beautiful. I love the braided and stitched leatherwork on that bag.
  13. Congrats!

    &I wish I liked it but, not so much.
  14. That bag is different... but I'm not liking it much either.

    Congrats on the 3,000 posts!!
  15. Im not feeling a lot of their new bags:crybaby:
    CONGRATS on 3,000!!