New Clutch by Alexis Hudson, the "Snowbird"

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  1. ;)
  2. Very interesting - never have I seen a clutch quite like that! Quite nice!
  3. I love Alexis Hudson and their CS is the best!!
  4. i'm not sure if i like it or not, but it is definitely different!
  5. Its kind of "Sassy" i think. Love the inovation of this line.
  6. oh, that's cute too and it is less expensive but much more basic.

    As usual, i like the premium snake print better - but if I needed a fashion basic I would go for that one, the style is wonderful!!!:tup:!
  7. It's unique and cute!
  8. I know some people like snake prints, but I can't bear them. 'shudder' So the basic is more to my liking. To each their own. ;)
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  10. #12 Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    love the coloring of that one.

    The Snowbird is a pretty cool idea. I wonder how comfortable it is to carry it like that instead of just like a normal clutch. I saw a photo recently in one of the magazines of a purple clutch you could stick your hand through on one of hte celebrities I think. It was pretty cool looking but Im still not sure about your hand being hidden..
  11. Wow!