New CLs on Saks website! Deep discount!

  1. Ladies, these have just been added to the Saks website. They are on sale for $322. As if that wasn't good enough, free shipping!!! All sizez available. I just ordered a pair. Hurry!!!
  2. i just got a pair as well.
  3. They are gorgeous! bit too high for me. YAY for the ladies who got them/
  4. OMG, thanks a bunch!! i just ordered a pair as well! too bad my MIL doesn't work at Saks anymore (she retired in march)....she would have gotten an addtn'l 30% off! darn...
  5. does that run true to size?
  6. I don't know its confusing... I known people who got them true to size but then the SA always tells people they run small. I'm a size 5 (I think) and I tried on a size 36.5 and they were big on me and I take a 36 in the Decollete 868 black jazz. So, I'm kinda confused myself because the 36.5 was like a whole index finger too big on me.
  7. I posted another thread for help in sizing these. The feedback I've gotten so far is that they run 1 full size to 1 1/2 sizes small. I ordered a full size up. We'll see. I should get them by 7/6.
  8. if they run the same as the decollete 868 then i should only go up 1/2 a size right?
  9. im a 6 but when i bought the decolletes i had to go up only 1/2 size
  10. I would go 1/2 up for sure. I'm just not sure if I should go 1/2 or 1 size up...
  11. same here because if they run the same as the 868 then i could only go up 1/2 a size but lots of the feedback saying go up 1 size...
  12. Ohh, I just ordered these and a pair of MbyMJ wedges! I'm not sure if the CL's will fit though... I hope so!
  13. depends on how wide your feet are. I wear 8 normally, 8.5 in many CLs, but in this style i need a 9
  14. my feet is not really that wide... 6 normally, 6 in prive, yoyo, decolletes 6.5
  15. thank you!!! just ordered a 6.5. and a 7