New CL's on SAKS.COM!

  1. I like the lower heel on the "O My Round Toe." Now that lower heeled simple pumps are available, I wonder if they will release the Decollete in the same heel height as this shoe.
  2. I want to like the leather mesh slingback. Not sure. I would like to see it on. Any thoughts on the new arrivals?
  3. blah, blah, and blah.
  4. Yes I mainly agree, although I think the o my might be a good work horse shoe... By the way, did anyone notice that the new stacked simple pump now comes in Pewter as well!? I can't decide if I love it or not...
  5. Yeah, I was dissapointed that I was not wowed. My pocket book is not though.:sad:
  6. I do like the sandal in the blue or grey. I am already planning on getting the new simple pump in the blue to I don't need 2 of the same color.
  7. For me everything is a no go so far, rather boring.
  8. I like the O My Round Toe slingback but it would look better in nude, not camel.
  9. Yep!
  10. another round of that from me .. :tdown:
  11. Yes, I did see that. The Pewter's are TDF!

  12. yeah, I agree. Nothing that really inspires me to spend money.
  13. ITA! Nothing to get excited about. :tdown:
  14. NM has the o my sling in a 4"