*NEW CLs* Let's TALK about the new styles!

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  1. ah-mazing! I bet they are TDF in person.
  2. i will if i can get them in my little hands! waiting for them to ship to the boutique still /:
  3. heard there's a turquoise un bout,,
  4. That would be great! Exotic or not?
  5. Here's the list of Un Bout coming this fall to the US CL boutiques:

    120 hh-
    Ayers laminato - silver, turquoise
    Cobra degrade - green
    Croco - bleu sapphir, black
    Eel - fuxia
    Karung - roccia
    Python lame - anthracite
    Python lucido - roccia, black
    Python mat - black
    Python opaco - roccia
    Python perche soleil - multicolor
    Watersnake mango - blue
    Watersnake mini elaphe - leopard cream

    100 hh-
    croco - bleu sapphir, black

    I don't have any intels on which boutiques will carry what since some of the orders are still pending for production.
  6. Thanks Alice :smile:
  7. The Blue croc and Purple eel are already out of my size on the website...I hope they come in 100. I must have that blue.... Or silver...or black...man TPF is not good for my wallet. I would've never known these were coming out....
  8. Un Bout 120 royal blue watersnake
    christianlouboutin-unbout-3131098_bl9a_1_1200x1200.jpg christianlouboutin-unbout-3131098_bl9a_2_1200x1200.jpg

  9. you always have the goodies

    i asked a boutique to send me pics of the Geo in the blue...and tbh I don't like them as much. I know what's missing...it's disappointing bc I live for captoe shoes...like i think 1/3 of my shoes have a captoe...bummer
  10. Imperial Red Yolanda Spikes ImageUploadedByPurseForum1372923400.573493.jpg
  11. :faint: OMG!
  12. Oh I love the Yolandas! Already have the Geos!;)
  13. Will the un bouts come in plain leather?
  14. Anyone knows when the Geo 120 suede Grenadine will arrive at Horatio?
  15. i must be one of the only people who dislikes mono spikes [unless it's black]...and that's all CL is doing these days..bummer
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