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  1. Not feeling the new Batik in comparison to the old Batik; I prefer the multi-colour and brightness of the previous generation.

    In other news, the white python Summerisima will be at my house and on my feet on Friday. I'll post mod pics for those who are interested but not quite swayed to purchase. :winkiss:
  2. Picks & Co is driving me nuts. =D
  3. I'm loving the new leopard panier on Saks site. Can anyone tell me how sizing is with these?
  4. hey ladies, what do you think about the corneille glitter coated metallic slingback? i tried them on in the store today and was kindy iffy about them and now that i'm home i can't get my mind off of them, the glitter one and the black patent...i love it but it seems like an older lady kind of shoe if you kno what i mean...i dont know..

    whats your opinion?
  5. If the sizing has not changed since last season's Paniers and Praias, half size down. ;)
  6. Only whole sizes available online. What to do...
  7. I take all of mine in a 38, and I am slightly smaller than you.... So I think you would benefit most from a 39. :yes:
  8. For those wondering, the Summerissima should definitely be taken true to size. :yes:

  9. :useless:

    uhmm...your post...while not useless would greatly be enhanced by a pic:graucho:
  10. :lol:

    Dang. Yup. Called out. ;)

    I will post when I have mine. I'm so lame that I went and tried them on at Barneys today. Yeah, I'm pathetic. :p
  11. sings/someone's an addict/:whistle:

    lol...not even mad at you though :lol:
  12. Same here :biggrin: I want to order these already but not sure how they fit!
  13. I would love the new batik comes for Lady Peep :heart:
  14. Ita & congrats. :p
  15. :nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.