new CL's from!!

  1. These are soo cute. Too bad there's toe cleavage. I have the perfect "Charlotte" (SATC) dress to go with these. :sad:

  2. Anyone know the heel height for this shoe? Is it at least 4 inches?

  3. That is the 100 mm Declic. 4 " heel
  4. i pre-ordered the declics..i'm still on the hunt for the electric blue suede ones in my far no luck:crybaby:
  5. Seeing that you are in the Bay Area have you tried Barneys SF?
  6. Edrine, Barneys NYC and Dallas for sure have the blue suede declic in now so just call them directly. I got my pair from the San Francisco store, but this was 2 weeks ago and they were nearly sold out at the time. Perhaps they got another shipment in though.
  7. I ordered the red ambrosina yesterday afternoon. I'm excited for their arrival! :smile:

  8. yes, i went there last week and they only have it in 41.i might try again next week at nm or Saks
  9. When are they supposed to come? I am sure they are going to be lovely one you. I think reds look good on your skin tone.

    NM SF has the black in kid leather already and they are supposed to get the nude in too. Are they available in your size for preorder?
  10. Edrine, what size are you???
  11. i wear size 42
  12. yes most of the new CL's at the nm website go up to size 42..most of the time when i go in the store they're sold out already in my size..
  13. So Barneys didn't even order anything bigger than 41. Sorry. :sad: I called my SA and asked.