New CL's at Barneys

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  1. just wondering..did the New Simples increase to $720? Are those the New Simples or some other style?

  2. ^^Thanks for posting!
  3. Thanks for the pics!

    I think some shoes at Barneys just cost more and some others less. They are 695 at BG and 675-695 at Saks.
  4. ^ those are really pretty!!! GET THEM!! hahah ;)
  5. you know, i can't believe i still haven't checked out the barneys CL collection in ny...even though i work like 15 minutes away from 5th ave/madison :sweatdrop: but seeing these pics, mmm mmm! think i may need to make a trip and try some of these beauties on..
  6. I don't have 700-800 dollars.
  7. I really want a pair of New Simples. Thanks for the photos!
  8. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  9. Thanks so much for sharing! The brown leather new simples are breaking my heart...I definitely can't have them now, but I realllllly hope the stick around for a while.
  10. Thanks for sharing !
  11. Thanks for the pics
  12. Nice pics, thanks for sharing.