New Closure A4343 SS Act 1 Defective???

  1. When I spoke to Saks today I was told that they did not order any of the new closure bag because there were problems with it staying closed. Has anyone else heard about this? If it is true then I am going with the Sombrero.
  2. Is this the NEW LOCK bag? If so that's exactly what I just heard as well from my Saks NYC Chanel SA (and he is very much in the know). I called to get on a waiting list for that bag and he told me Saks Chanel buyers found the lock to be defective (and really impractical to get in and out of also) and ended up not ordering any for the company. That's the latest I've heard....not sure if Chanel is going to do anything differently about the lock now that there's findings of it being "defective."

    I absolutely LOVE the look of that bag but after some thought I can totally see how soft lambskin combined with that lock in the middle would not hold up so well after all.
  3. Which bag is this? can someone post a picture?
  4. Yes, the very first photo on for ss act's around $2500...I guess it's called the new lock bag and from the post of "30 new bags" it's photo #11. I was shocked to hear this about a Chanel handbag in that price range.
  5. Wow, that's a big deal if its defective. Chanel has been advertising that new lock bag VERY heavily. It has appeared at least twice in the past month in the Chanel ad that runs every day on page 2 of the New York Times.

  6. Thanks so much for posting picture. I hate when I am not in the know! :smile:
  7. Do you think there is any possiblility that only the actual Chanel stores will be getting it in and it is just not available to department stores so they are making it up? I hate to be skeptical but what do you think? Do Chanel stores have exclusives that they don't give department stores?
  8. I doubt Saks Chanel is making this up -- yes there are certain items that only Chanel boutiques get, or only NM stores get, etc....but in those instances my Saks SA has come outright and just told me that. But when I called about this bag he said as far as he knows Saks found the lock to be defective and ended up not ordering it. I'm not sure about NM though.....anyone?
  9. I remember when someone posted a picture of this bag really earlier (maybe a few weeks or a month ago) they also mentioned that their SA told them that the closure looks problematic. I think the OP was somewhere in Europe!
  10. Hmm..that is interesting. Thanks for letting us know!
  11. A very observant poster on this forum (can't remember who it was) said that the closure looked like a problem. I kept that in mind and never considered ordering one.
  12. This is surprising because I just ordered one from NM, Troy and the SA didn't mention anything about the lock being problematic. I'm going to bring to her attn now..thanks for the headsup!!