New cles! New color! Yay!!

  1. Because I was pregnant and just had a baby, I've been on a purse-buying ban since spring of last year. I even banned myself from tpf to resist temptation! But when I found out that LV was having a violette vernis line, I had to break my ban! It's just a little something small for now, so I don't feel too guilty. Boy, it felt good to step into the LV boutique again! Here it new violette vernis cles! :yahoo:
    DSC01364.JPG DSC01366.JPG DSC01368.JPG
  2. Love love it! that chain and that colour :love:gorgeous. Would you mind telling how much it was?
  3. It costs $275, so it is a little more than the cost of the previous cles. It's also a little bigger. Here are some comparison pics, with my pomme cles:
    DSC01367.JPG DSC01371.JPG
  4. Yay! OMG ... that's so cute, I love that color ... congrats!
  5. So cute!!! Congrats on the baby, too!
  6. omg, love it!! Does it come in other collors aswell?
  7. Love the rounder corners.. Congrat's beautiful color.
  8. this isnt the standard cles is it ? Will they come out with it the standard one without the lous vuitton plate?
  9. Congrats! great color
  10. omg..... i LOVE this!!! gorgeous color!!

    congrats! and congrats on your new baby too!
  11. The new cles also fits more than the previous one. There is a slot in the back that can fit at least a couple of CCs. The main compartment can fit several CCs, coins, and some dollar bills that are folded in half. With the previous cles, I had to fold my dollar bills into fourths to make it fit.

    I'm loving the color, the bigger size, and the name plate of this cles! I'm totally fighting the urge to get the same one in pomme! This is bad for my ban!
    DSC01373.JPG DSC01372.JPG
  12. That is gorgeous, I am glad they started making the cles a little bigger!
  13. WOW, love the larger size cles, rounded corner, and the extra credit slot!! CONGRATS!!! yeah, does it comes with any other colors??
  14. Wow Gorgeous! :love: I want one too...
  15. I asked the SA if it was also in pomme, and she said yes, so I'm assuming it's also in the other current vernis colors.