NEW! Cles multi chaine

  1. :yes: Hi! another new piece today! Thought you'd all like to see it!

    I think its quite cute:love:

    Whaddaya think?:smile:
  2. It is very cute! Congratulations!!
  3. :nuts: Congrats!!! I think it's pretty :love:
  4. Oh yeah! That is great...!
  5. Congrats! :biggrin: I love it.
  6. Gooorgeous!
  7. I love it!! :smile:
  8. I love it. Did you buy it at Holt? Do they have more? I am headed there next week...
  9. I wanna know more! what a beauty, this could be my first purchase in multicolor LOL
  10. i like it! i think its sooo pretty! congratulations
  11. yeah, it is really pretty! may i ask what is it use for?
  12. Hello everyone!:yes:

    blue996- yes at holts. they just got one in. put your name on the list.;)

    Lau - it cost $405.00 (canadian):rolleyes:

    poutine - it has a few uses. can hook it on your speedy handles (or any other bag) , key chain, or even a bracelet.:upsidedown:

    thanks for looking
  13. Way cute ! :yes:
  14. gorgeous!congrats
  15. Love it! I have mine attached to my damier speedy 25 today :yahoo: