New Classic Reissue 227 Dilemma


May 28, 2016
Hi all,

This is my first thread on tpf. Here's my issue about my new reissue. I just bought a classic reissue 227 with RHW for $6K from NM. I love this bag!! The bag did not come with blue stickers on the hardware, tags were off but in the bag, serial number starts with 16... so not a current season or year. I actually passed up a lambskin chevron so black jumbo that someone returned for this bag. And I really do love it and so want to keep it, but there are some minor "flaws". One side of the top of the inner flap has indentation from the way the chains were stored and has a small crease that is visible on the burgundy side of the flap. Also, the lock has a semicircular scratch or scuff from where the lock has been turned, probably from others trying it on. Anyway, the SA searched high and low for another bag and found one shipped from NY, and although that bag had no indentation or scuff the leather just didn't look as nice as the bag I already have. So my question is would you keep this bag knowing that the exterior leather is beautiful but had these minor flaws or would you return it and hope the prices don't go up AGAIN before finding another?


May 28, 2016
FYI, I also just bought a chevron reissue 226 in black hardware that was untouched with tags and blue stickers on. I know these bags are always tough to find, so I'm just trying to determine if it's realistic to get a brand new classic reissue 227 with tags and stickers and completely flawless.


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Jun 28, 2015
when you say "classic reissue 227" do you mean the black distressed calf with aged gold hardware? if so, I have seen them around over time if you're not limiting the search to only NM specifically and would search in boutique/Saks/bloomingdales/Nordstrom etc. My guess is that it shouldn't be too difficult to locate a new one compared to the classic jumbo style for example. I do know that the reissue is real tough to find in the smaller 224 and 225 sizes, but not as difficult for the 227 perhaps, it sounds like you know you wanted to exchange it but only hesitate because you feel like you can't get another one. if that's the case, you may want to return and look for one you're happy with, while you enjoy your 226? :smile:


Jan 2, 2013
Minneapolis, MN
I don't think that combination and size are all that difficult to find. I saw one last week at the Mall of America Nordstrom- try calling them to see if it's still there! I definitely would not settle- wait for the perfect one!


Apr 3, 2012
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They are not hard to find but the flaws you notice will not go away

Chains will for sure make marks on the inner flap unless you wrap them up and don't use it at all


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Sep 29, 2011
return! write down entire style number and color code and call Chanel 1-800-550-0005 and tell them to search for you - if it's out there, they will be able to locate it, in boutiques AND department stores. if you're paying full retail u need to get a FLAWLESS bag. that's not unreasonable at all. those imperfections would bother me esp knowing i paid 6K for it!! good luck in your search!


Jun 23, 2015
If you have any hesitations about it, return and wait for the perfect one! I got my reissue 226 completely brand new with blue stickers and all from Bergdorf Goodman. My SA said they get new shipments of them often. Good luck!!