New classic: Reed Krakoff Mini Atlantique

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  1. I've been watching the Reed Krakoff line since launch, especially the Atlantique style. I think the larger one would make an outstanding work/laptop tote, but my work laptop is so heavy that I need to carry it in a backpack. My DH really likes the Boxer style (he has great taste), but there's a bit too much going on there for me.

    The smaller Atlantique, however, is more of a day bag. Outside of work, I don't have to carry a ton of stuff, so smaller styles like the Balenciaga Town work perfectly for me. I was in NYC on vacation last week, and this lovely colorway absolutely jumped off the Saks shelf at me. I thought about it for a day or two, then had to go back and get it.

    What I love about this bag is the attention to detail. The top zip, the gunmetal hardware, the matching baby clutch that slips into the outside pocket, the tabbed pockets at either end, the luggage tag and strap keeper, the inside pockets, the long crossbody strap, the juicy pink/brown color combination with a hint of's all perfect. The leather is soft and silky but substantial, and smells heavenly! I don't think this shape will ever go out of style.

    The only disappointment is that the prices on this style are already going up. I was hoping Reed Krakoff would be the exception to designer price-creep, but unfortunately not. A year ago the mini Atlantique was under $900, now it's over $1100. I loved this bag enough to pay a bit more, but if RK gets ridiculous (like Chanel and Celine), this may be my first and last.

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  2. It's very cute, but I would call this trendy rather than classic.
  3. Lovely bag! I like the colours.
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    Let me start by saying I adore RK bags! The styling, craftsmanship and attention to detail is exquisite and far beyond many other designers in the same price point. But I wanted to caution you on the weight. The Boxer and Atlantique are pretty heavy empty IMO, so I can't imagine hauling one around full! If you haven't already, make sure you check them out in that regards bf you take the plunge. With that said, my preference for classic versatility and the long haul would definitely be the Atlantique over the Boxer. I think the simplicity and cleaner lines will lend to its long term staying power!
  5. like the bag.. enjoy
  6. Wow, this bag is lovely!
  7. Time will tell if it will be a next classic :biggrin:
  8. Congrats, I think this looks great! :smile: It really looks like "the leather is soft and silky but substantial" as you say, it was the first that caught my eye.
  9. Very cute, congrats!
  10. Gorgeous bag and a big thank you for the introduction... I think I might try and track this baby down instead of a Celine Nano. Would love to see modelling pics!
  11. I agree -- the multicolored version does fit into the colorblocking trend. But the single-color version looks quite classic in style.

    FWIW, I'm not a huge fan of colorblocking, and only realized after I bought the bag that it could be considered that. I just love the pink/brown combination for fall, and that the tiny bit of red can be removed if desired.
  12. I've been looking at the mini Atlantique too - love the shape and size and great leather! How are you enjoying yours so far, pixiechic? Any pros/cons you can share? Modelling pics?
  13. I tried the Mini Atlantique when I was looking for a crossbody bag for travel. It's a very structured bag, but like Scoobiesmom said, it's a heavy bag. I love the style, but it didn't work for me.