New Classic Mini Ugg Boots

  1. :shrugs: I have to ask everyone. Ugg came out with a short "mini" boot for fall. Have Ugg's ourworn their welcome or could I get away with a pair for fall/winter?
  2. I dont like the new short style...but I think uggs can still be worn this long as you dont overdoo the "mountain climber" look...
  3. Honestly, I personally think they're just one of those fugly staples that may never go away.
    Their customers are loyal because their SO SICKENINGLY comfy!
    People may hate them, but I don't think they'll ever go away. . .
    there's another item I can't think of right now that is the same way . . .???
  4. Birkenstocks...:yucky:

    I don't like Uggs, but I also don't have use for them here in So. Cal.

    Both Coach and Michael Kors make some beautiful shearling boots that are much superior to Uggs.
  5. YEAH Birkenstocks! LOL!
    Also Crocs!
  6. OMG my friends and I were just discussing Crocs.:throwup:
  7. ohhhh crocs... so ugly! i work in healthcare and they remind me of WORK! ewwww
  8. Crocs are disgusting. eww

    As for the Uggs, I agree with Swanky Mama-they'll probably never go out because they're so comfy

    I don't really like the short ones, but thats just me.
  9. I just bought 2 pairs of the mini Classic boots and I will definitely wear them all winter long since they are so comfy and warm!!
  10. I agree, Swanky. I cannot deny Uggs are ugly but I love them and I will wear them until I die!
  11. ^me too! In fact, I may get a new pair this year because mine are the old style and the newer look better if that's possible! LOL!
  12. I love uggs because they are sooo comfy!!
  13. I think what makes Uggs so undesirable is when people wear them with short skirts in the middle of the freakin' desert! That to me just looks really odd.

    I, however, live in Massachusetts, and I plan to move to Toronto. I thank God I have a pair (in baby blue) because they REALLY come in handy when it gets cold.
  14. I'm sorry, but I think the short ones remind me of bedroom slippers. Like, if I had a pair, I'd wear them around the house on a cold winter day with pajamas.
  15. I have these ↓:

    And everytime I wear them I feel like this ↓:
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