New classic flap - Should I return this?

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  1. Hello,

    My dad bought me a classic flap, and whoa about price increases since the last time in october I paid I think 13k HKD for my white 2.55 and this time he paid 17k - same size flap. Like ouch! At least I think this is cavair, to be honest I cannot tell, but it looks like cavair to me at least: )

    but the problem is he bought it and sent it to me and now that I've seen it I don't really like the colour :/ I think I was envisioning a different sort of pink, maybe brighter or paler, and now I'm wondering if I should return it? So yeah, what do you guys think?

    Also, if the bag was bought in Macau, can I return it in Singapore? Since I won't be stepping foot in Hongkong/Macau until next month! I'm not very sure about return policies so I was hoping someone here would know.. thanks!
    pinkchanel - 1.jpg pinkchanel - 2.jpg pinkchanel - 3.jpg
  2. You should be able to return it to any Chanel I'd imagine.
    It's lambskin as far as I can tell though.
  3. Haha now that I touch it I think it's lambskin too!!!! How could you tell thoh without touching? they always look the same to me =(

    Hm what happens when I return it though?
  4. Unless your photos are very misleading, that is most definitely lambskin. Caviar has a more textured appearance and that looks to be perfectly smooth.
  5. swanky's right it's lambskin not caviar. i've seen your bag IRL. it's a creamy coffee color like mocha. pretty but fragile. check the return policy on the receipt or call the boutique/store your dad bought it at.
  6. You can tell because lamb is far smoother and softer than caviar. Caviar has a fine pebbly texture, it's not at all smooth like lamb.
  7. Ahh you guys are right!! :smile: Cool now I know :smile: I did think the touch of the bag was different to my white caviar but yes I had to touch it to find out :smile:

    oops, I was avoiding lambskin too :sad:

    I looked at the receipt, they have nothing on it about returns..
  8. I think it's something like 14 days of purchase? I may be wrong on that... my brain is mush right now.
  9. Your dad got that bag in Hong Kong??? Where exactly?!
  10. wynns macau :smile:

    he bought that and another red lambskin classic (for someone else), but he gave me the receipt for both.
  11. it's a beautiful bag~i would keep it, but it's up to you!
  12. oh ok that's good :smile: gives me time to think haha, I emailed the pictures to my mother, maybe she likes them :p

    I don't know, I felt that the bag was pretty but abit too 'old' as a colour.
  13. oh ic! I've been there! I didn't know that prices are cheaper in macau! I'd say keep! Because it's such a beautiful color!
  14. I love the color- I think it is beautiful!
  15. If you don't love it then I would try and exchange it. It is a pretty bag though. I'm sure if you call the Chanel boutique they can tell you about their return/exchange policy. At least you do have the receipt-- it will definitely make things easier. Oh and that was incredibly sweet of your dad!