New classic chanel

  1. Ummm I love Chanel hehe :heart:

    I got it as an evening bag and its soooo gorgeous!!!


  2. It's sooo pretty! I want one!:love:
  3. I think this is a great alternative to the 2.55 (which I have in black). It's modern, a little edger, love it! Congratulations! It looks great in black, but I've seen it in beige and cream and it just doesn't look so great in the lighter colors.
  4. I love it
  5. I like it :biggrin:
  6. It's beautiful....
  7. Thanks!!

    When I first saw it, my first impression was that it was sooo small. But for an evening bag, it will look great :smile:
  8. May I ask where you bought it? I haven't seen it anywhere and I think it's beautiful!!
  9. Sure!

    I bought it at the NM in Minneapolis ;)
  10. Cute bag!! Its good that it has those little feet!

    Intlset: how do you find your 255? Do you use it for everday use? I was looking at one in the boutique lastnite and they have the white on hold for me. I either want to get it or just spend more and get a pink caviar classic medium.
  11. Love it ... it's very cute! It is perfect as an evening bag.
  12. ^ Thanks!! I can't wait to use it :smile:
  13. Great for a nite out..ENJOY
  14. nice! enjoy it!
  15. Thanks!!! :biggrin:
    I love it so much! Its so classic :smile: