New CL styles at Bob Ellis Shoes......


Aug 17, 2007
Charlotte, NC
I went to the mall today in Charlotte and I saw the following unusual CL styles. I can't believe the price tags on some of these shoes!!! You can shop at . They have stores in NC and SC, so if you buy from them they will ship w/o tax. Not sure about international shipping.

Green patent wedge $655 Bronze thong $720

LaFalaise canvas straps $815 (saw this IRL and the cork heel is so unusual)

Yasmin Wedge $795

Thank goodness I wasn't tempted. Now, if there had been any python, that would be another story!!
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Mar 7, 2006
the big apple
I'm willing to splurge & pay over retail on HG Louboutin classics, but yeah those prices are waaay too high -- for trendy styles that go out of season so quickly. Don't worry though.....of those 5 styles pictured above I'm sure all will end up on sale later on this summer.