New CL Items On

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  1. Yep, including Nude Patent!

    Saks just presold me $3700 worth of CLs!!! It's easier to press 'submit' when you know you won't be charged until later! lol
  2. Congrats, I would love to live in the US. I can order from CL Paris but since I don't know the names properly it's a bid difficult...I only saw nude leather on saks ?!
    I am still a bid lost, between privé, very privé, yoyo, yoyo zeppa....
    I would like the peeptoe about 4-4.5 heel which are closed in the "back" and have the toepart in gold as weel as the black ones with the toe part in red...and maybe also the tortoise and a pair of simplepumps .... wishlist get's longer.

    how are they called?
  3. OOPS!!! They are nude leather, not patent! But they are hot! lol
  4. omg the sling backs are hot! i've been looking for them now i'm just going to preorder them ;) thanks for posting! which ones did you get?? lol acks! almost 4k on just CLs??
  5. I am hyperventilating here!!
  6. The nude leather she is talking about is the architek.

    The very prive is a covered platform with peeptoe and closed heel.

    The numero prive is a slingback version of the very prive.

    The yoyo is a nonplatform peeptoe.

    Anything that ends in "zeppa" is with a platform--Iowa Zeppa, Yoyo Zeppa, Decolzepp, etc.
  7. This is the chance for everyone who missed out on the nude numero prives on earlier this year. I would say pre-order now!

    I have been wanting a black numero prive and I am not sure if I want the architek with the red in the back.
  8. I was ready to come on here this morning and post about the new shoes on Saks and then I saw that oo_let_me_see beat me to it!

    I pre-ordered the Architek in both colors (I know what you mean about it being easier to place an order when you know you won't be charged for a while!...Like, well, I might as well pre-order, I can always change my mind later...LOL). I think the part in the back where the platform color is visible (red on the black and gold on the nude) will be stunning on the black shoe.
  9. I got the black and nude architek, the black joil noeud satin slides, the silver mirrored thongs, the gold maribis roll slides, and the black espadrille slingbacks. Ouch on my wallet. lol!
  10. oo_let_me_see - thank you for posting! i don't even have to check the shopping sites anymore for new items. i can just come here.

    lavender - i once spent a good part of a day trying to figure out which shoe names matched up with which shoes. i wish i had your louboutin guide!
  11. Thank you. :tup: I just ordered the slingbacks/architeks in nude and black!
  12. The architeks are just TDF, I can't stop looking at them. The black/red combo is especially a stunner, but of course I ordered both colors. I have been hearing about this shoe for a while now but just couldn't picture it in my head based on the descriptions I was hearing. But OMG it is more beauitful than anything I could have imagined.
    I also ordered the marilou.
  13. What size did you girls order in the architeks? Did you go up a 1/2 size? I hate the sizing issue. I always feel nervous I'm ordering the wrong size!
  14. I think I'm going to order my size in the No Prive, a 37.5. Not sure which color to get. What do you ladies think? I can only justify ordering one - nude or black?
  15. I love nude, but in this shoe that black is hotter, imo.