NEW CITY - Small City - I'm so excited!!

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  1. I haven't been so excited for a long time!!
    Have you seen a new City - Small City - size wise between City and Mini City
    P.S Sorry if it's old news, haven't been here for quite some time
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  2. Here's the pic from Sebastien, Bal Cannes

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  3. Whoa really?? I just went on Balenciaga website but didn't see it. I wonder how the new city would compare to a first size wise!
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  4. this would be so awesome... but don't we already have the town to fill that size gap???
  5. I think it is new for FW16-17 so not on the website yet
    here's one more pic of reg city and small city in violet prune
    I need this violet prune small city in my life!

    ohh and small city has a long strap!

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  6. Uh oh. This is not going to be good for my wallet!
  7. Not liking how the handles are placed and the top curve is odd. But I'd have to see it irl to be sure 🤔
  8. Is this the nail in the coffin of the Town?
  9. Now when you said it, I have to agree. I wish the handles were a bit more further apart.
    But I still want it!
  10. You are right. They look "tall" in relation to the size of the bag.
  11. I was thinking the same about the nail in the coffin for the Town. I think this is cuter than the town and I always felt the mini city looked juvenile for me (and also didn't fit much). The handles don't bother me at all.... I like it! I wonder it it might mean the beginning of the end for the mini city too....
  12. Thanks much for posting! I did not know this in between size was around or coming soon. It's great to have another option! LOVE your beautiful avatar!:smile:
  13. I could see this becoming a contender size-wise...
  14. I actually don't mind the handle placement and this may be a contender for me since it has a long strap!!

    I like the mini but it seems too small aesthetic wise for me even though I don't carry much... The small looks to be a perfect size! (Probably because I'm used to seeing regular city bags around)
  15. Anyone know the price of the small city? I'm assuming somewhere around 1600-1700?