New Christmas Goodies!

  1. Heritage Stripe Large tote in khaki/pink and Janelle Ballet Flats in khaki/pink. Also got the Hamptons small round hobo in acorn and a bunch of accesories! YAY for Coach! :yahoo:
    heritagestripe.jpg accessories.jpg
  2. Well, I did not think I liked the Heritage line at all, but the more i keep seeing this bag, the more I do like it!!! Actually, I love it!!! And the shoes and bag together look so good!
  3. :love::girlsigh::heart::drool::love:
  4. Love Them!!!!!!!
  5. That shoe/bag combo is really adorable. Congratulations on your new goodies!
  6. I have got to have those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Looks like a few people were lucky enough to get the Khaki/ pink Heritage stripe tote. Enjoy it. Everything else looks great too!
  8. OMG! I want those shoes!! I've never bought Coach shoes before but I love those!! Your goodies are all awesome!!
  9. those shoes are too cute!! love the snowflake, penguin and the flower. ohh who am i kidding i love it all!
  10. Congrats!I was going to get those shoes today are they uncomfortable?
  11. Awesome goodies!
  12. I love the accesories , very cute bag and shoe combo
  13. Congrats!! I love the flats :love:
  14. Congrats on all of your new goodies. they are all lovely.
  15. Those shoes are adorable!! Congrats