New Choo's for meeee

  1. Boss owed me $1000, so she gave me purses instead. woot!

    She gave me the two of these, and another one, but the other one is just collateral until she can find the Louis Vuitton embroidered bag.

    It's in the car and I don't wanna go get it but it's this one:

    Jimmy Choo Morgan Handbag

    Don't even know what this is, but it's HOT
  2. WOW - congrats!!

    She over paid the 1K ..... lucky you
  3. I think you got a great deal!! Enjoy your wonderful bounty of bags!
  4. Wow! That's some boss you have! But me being me and all...I would first of all make sure all the bags were authentic. :graucho: Jimmy Choo bags are very heavily knocked off.

    But once I found out they were indeed authentic, I'd be dancing in the streets! :happydance:

    Samantha just posted a photo of Anne Hathaway (from "The Devil Wears Prada"....great movie and she's such a button!) with the Carlotta clutch in the Celebs with Choo sub-forum...the gold clutch that you have. SO pretty and it's on sale on the Choo site now for not much less than the $1,000 your boss owed you! And the red Mahala like the one that Jessica Simpson is carrying....very hard to find (wouldn't leave it in my car if I were you)....lucky you!! :tup:

    Congrats and enjoy your new bags! :yahoo:
  5. Oh, I am so jealous! Both bags you posted pics of are authentic so I'm going to say the Mahala probably is as well.:tup:
  6. Wow what a wonderful boss and Gorgeous bags:drool:

    Enjoy and keep up the GREAT work:tup:
  7. Congratulations ! That is quite a Jimmy Choo haul! All beautiful too. Lucky lady.
  8. thank you thank you. no i know they're both authentic, when i worked for her we were regulars @ the bloomingdales Jimmy Choo boutique. so has something from every cubby hole there.

    Is the red mahala hard to find? i don't know i was thinking about keeping it but some of the little leather things on the zippers have fallen off it seems like.

    I was thinking about selling the Gold thing..

    I also have (which i forgot to mention) a purse she gave me when i first started working for her, it is the black morgan just like the brown. I let a friend borrow it, but I'm probably gonna sell that too. what do you think is a good starting price? i hate how cheap all Jimmy's go on eBay. it's ridiculous because they truly are GORGEOUS purses.
  9. ohhh...I wouldn't sale the gold Clutch. It is to die for!
  10. This is true, But i need the money. And I gotta sell one of them @ least. Hmm