New Choo's Are Coming

  1. I found some new :choochoo:Choo's showing up on the SFA site, so I am sure Cruise 2008 is just around the corner:yahoo::yahoo:

    Here are a couple, but the site seems to be having some technical difficulties:cursing:
    Ayse Snake.jpg snaksuederamona.jpg
  2. Oooo, very nice. The white one is the Ayse, yes? Are you getting it in the shimmer python? I saw the second one, a watersnake Ramona in the Nordies look book. Thanks for posting pics!
  3. I like the white Ayse, but don't know about the measurements. At 19.5 inches wide that is one big bag. I am going to have to see this one in person.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Jburgh
    I doubt I would purchase it even half price:nogood:

    I just don't do light colored bags too well:push: Here is one more I posted on your suggestions thread, but I think it would be a Gorgeous bag for your formal evening:drool:

    It is the Carolina eel (another Sneaky Snake:sneaky: )

    Lionlaw I think the dimensions sound big, but because it is attached to the handles permanently, it it more to give it a "slouchy" look:yes:
  6. Hmmm, still yet to see any pics on the Neon Blue Liquid Patent Mahala? Ditto, no light colored/white bags for me no matter how gorgeous they look.
  7. ^^ I did see pictures of the Neon Blue Liquid Patent in Nordies 08 Lookbook last week. It's very cute! Since I already have the EB, I'll pass on this one, but otherwise it would be on my list.
  8. Robyn - you are the best!
    Thanks for keeping my "choo addiction" going.

    I can wait to see the -- Neon Blue Liquid Patent:nuts::nuts:
  9. ANYTIME:wlae::choochoo::choochoo:
  10. My mom just bought me this one. Its awsome! I love my mom!!! What do you guys think?? Love it???
    s_6099.jpg s01_6099.jpg
  11. OMG!!:nuts:

    Tania - thats gorgeous!
    Your mom can adopt me:graucho::graucho:
  12. Holy Cow, Batman!! I LOVE this bag! :drool: You have one fabulous mother!! Where did she ever find this lovely bag? I've never seen this color/style combo.
  13. Is that Malena purple? I have a black Malena and it is a great bag. How nice of your mom...enjoy!
  14. OMG!! Congrats on having the greatest Mother on the planet!!!!!!!!!! That is a gorgeous bag- what is its name?
  15. It's gorgeous. Congratulations!